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My Teaching Approach


Learning to play Fingerstyle guitar is nothing but satisfying and fun! By developing the basics of Classical and Travis styles, one can build an exciting repertoire of tunes. Become a solo entertainer by being a two-hand band! Remember Stairway, and Dust in the Wind?

Beginning Guitar

Beginning to learn an instrument is a very crucial time for a student. By learning the fundamentals, one develops a firm foundation for the ease of how it's done. Learning chords and how to use them, and learning to read music, puts you on the right track for developing your playing in any style you chose.

Jazz Studies

Discover the fingerboard through a complete study of scales and harmony. Learn how to apply scales to improve your improvisational skills. Develop reading skills through position studies. Improve technique to become proficient on the instrument. Build a strong and thorough repertoire by studying the standards. Apply these ideas to improve all styles of guitar.

Suzuki (Classical)

The Suzuki approach to learning an instrument is a very well developed and executed approach. Most children are ready to start lessons by age six, however this method works well for every age as well as adults. Early training is done by learning familiar songs by memory, and by developing the aural skills to put it all together. Upon completing book one the student is playing solo guitar in a classical style. Most students are reading music by this time also. Participation in frequent recitals, and performance helps to build confidence and performance skills.


Teaching a workshop, University of The Philippines

"Lynn strikes a wonderful balance between method and play--he knows that only by deeply learning the entire neck of the guitar does one feel free to express a variety of playing styles."

Emily Arin. Singer-songwriter

Teaching at the Interlochen Arts Academy, 2008
Teaching at the Interlochen Arts Academy Guitar Summit, 2008

Private Lessons

Lynn has been teaching guitar for over 30 years, drawing from many styles and performing situations. He is a graduate of the Musicians Institute, and a registered Suzuki instructor. Throughout his career Lynn has studied and had instruction from many well-known guitarists in his field such as, Stanley Yeats, Howard Alden, Joe Pass, Alex DeGrassi, and Pierre Bensusan.

Lynn's philosophy for teaching is basic.

"It is essential for both beginning and advanced students to have a thorough understanding of the instrument for enjoyment and fulfillment." Even though Lynn's lessons are Serious Lessons for Serious Students, the number one priority is that the lessons be Fun!

Lynn Wiles practices in his teaching studio

Lynn was the founder of the Ithaca Music Academy, and is the author of the Wiles Home Guitar Course, one of the first published VHS guitar courses. Lynn is a member of the The Suzuki Association of the Americas. He also teaches at the Interlochen Guitar Institute, a summer program at the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan. Lynn offers guitar classes at a few of the Ithaca School District Enrichment Programs and is available for clinics, workshops, private lessons, and performance on a national level.
Lynn has also written Webzine articles for the MelBay publishing company on topics of Visualization and Scales.

Lynn has also presented workshops and performances in the Philippines, with future plans of returning in the upcoming months.

For lessons contact Lynn at:

Overall Improvement For Your Full Enjoyment of the instrument is my goal for you, as I help guide you to understanding and playing your guitar. Whether you are learning for fun and enjoyment or training to become a professional guitarist, I can help you on this wonderful journey that the guitar has to offer. Yes, learning to play the guitar, or mastering the guitar, is challenging. No matter what style you desire, I'm ready to help you meet that challenge. If you have the passion, you'll find hours of enjoyment from what the guitar can provide. Please give me a call so that we can discuss the best plan of action for your success. - Lynn


"Mr Wiles has an easy going yet very professional way of teaching. He is a fine player himself and his patter and rapport with the students makes learning fun. He is a respected visiting instructor at the prestigious Interlochen Center for the Arts/Interlochen Arts Academy at Interlochen, Michigan as well as numerous workshops and festivals around America. I would highly recommend his classes to anyone serious about furthering their guitar playing, either beginner or working professional."

Brian Amato, Traverse City, Michigan

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“Five years of lessons with Lynn, and I’m still learning.”       L.G.   36 yrs. old

"I appreciate your fine teaching. Your attention to detail has improved my tone greatly." Gene, Cornell University Professor

“I wanna stay longer!”      V.L.  8 yrs. old

“ Lynn’s succinct approach to teaching helps me to look at my music in a new light.” James, Professional Musician